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At Clean Hearing, we fully understand the challenges that hearing issues can pose in your day-to-day life. Hearing is a delicate sense and even minor damage to your ears can play a major role in the way you interact with the world around you; expert care and attention is required to ensure that when something does go wrong, there is a plan in place to help get you back to your best. This is where our team of expert audiologists comes in. With combined decades of experience operating from our Harborne Birmingham hearing clinic, our specialist team of audiologists offer fully personalised appointments to help identify the issues stopping you from living your life to the fullest and can help you get back to hearing again.

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Fully Qualified Audiologist

We understand not everyone might be able to come and visit our audiologists directly. No problem! As a part of our mobile services, an expert ear doctor can visit you directly in the comfort of your own home. Find out more here.

Same Day Appointments

It can be worrying when something feels wrong with your hearing, why not see an expert audiologist within the same day and put your fears to rest? We offer same-day appointments, please give us a call to discuss availability.

Ear Wax Removal

A build-up of ear wax can lead to your ears feeling blocked and may result in difficulty hearing those around you. Through micro suction, we are able to gently and painlessly remove excess ear wax from within your ears. Enquire here today.

Experts at what we do

Everyone’s ears are slightly different and it’s the personalised care that we offer at Clean Hearing that has allowed us to help so many people on their hearing journey. We don’t offer generic, copy-and-paste services but rather tailor every appointment to your concerns to help address exactly what you’re feeling. It’s our client-centric approach to hearing solutions that sets us apart from others and has earnt us plaudits from previous clients as well as other experts from within the industry. With over 13 years of experience we understand the impact hearing loss can have so we treat every individual with empathy and care.

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As a part of our wider audiology solutions, we offer multiple services primed to help you find the joy in hearing again.

Ear Wax Removal

If left unchecked, a build-up of ear wax can cause issues such as difficulty hearing, ringing in the ears, and – in more severe cases – even ear pain. Once hardened, ear wax becomes far more challenging to remove and frequently requires the help of an expert with access to specialist tools in order to carry out a safe and painless removal. Visit our ear wax removal page to find out more about this.

Hearing Aids

Whether it be due to age, ongoing exposure to stimuli, or other factors, sometimes our ears need extra support to help get us hearing properly. Hearing aids are becoming a more common solution for those whose hearing isn’t quite at the level they need it to be; in order to assist with this, we offer testing for hearing aids and support in getting them fitted. Find out more about this on our hearing aids page.

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Nadia A
Professional service from start to finish. I was sent reminders of date/time and as a busy mum of 4, this was much needed! The treatment was for my 3 year old and Kully was amazing with her. She fully explained how the microsuction works and happily answered my questions. Kully also offered post treatment advice. I would definitely book again if the need arises.
Manjit V
I had my ears tested and my ear wax removed in the comfort of my own home. Kully reassured me throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!
Jac C
First-class! After five years or so of recurring ear infections and blocked ears, I visited Clean Hearing. I got an appointment the same day and had micro suction. It was completely painless and so effective. I came out actually being able to hear again after months of feeling like my head was underwater! I highly recommend Clean Hearing and will definitely use them again. Thank you for your professional, friendly, and excellent service.
Ray S
I can hear again all thanks to Kully at Clean Hearing - she fitted me in on the same day as I was desperate to unblock my ears. The whole process took 15 minutes, was painless, professional and I can not thank the audiologist enough for giving my hearing back. This is the only place I would come back to now for microsuction.
Robert H
As a severely disabled man, basically bungalow bound & needing my ears syringed, finding out that my GP's surgery no longer carries out this procedure, left me very anxious, so I searched the internet & immediately came across Clean Hearing. I rang that morning & by lunch time, Kully, the audiologist was here, notified me beforehand that she would be slightly late. I felt extremely at ease & the procedure was carried out perfectly. I barely felt anything. If you're looking for home visit's, like myself & a super efficient, very prompt service, then without hesitation, I would highly recommend Clean Hearing. I will certainly be using them again. Thanks again, Kully, for providing an answer to my difficult, physical situation.
Gary H
Excellent Service, same day appointment came to my home. First time experience of ear cleaning, micro suction was painless, amazed hearing completely crystal clear afterwards. Suffered for a couple months muffled hearing. Service was courteous, friendly and professional, from calling the office, to the audiologist who visited my home. Wouldn't hesitate to use again. Excellent service, thank you.

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Clean Hearing is an independent hearing clinic based in Harborne, Birmingham offering state of the art technology tailored to your needs. Get in touch to book an appointment with our audiologist today.

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