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Hearing Aids

As we get older, our ears tend to degrade; we are exposed to a great many sound stimuli during our day-to-day lives, many of which can begin to wear down on our hearing. While the signs may not always be apparent, it’s important to stay vigilant of what may cause damage and how you can protect yourself from these factors. Hearing aids are incredibly helpful for restoring some or all, of your hearing once it deteriorates below a certain level. Everyone’s hearing is a little different, and there are a plethora of hearing aid types configured to cater to different types of hearing loss.

At Clean Hearing, we are a team of industry-leading audiologists providing support in the various fields of hearing. We have a great deal of experience in fitting hearing aids and supporting our clients through the aftercare process as they get accustomed to using these. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help meet your requirements.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

There are various factors that may play in role in hearing loss with the most common being:

• Damage to the inner ear
• Build-up or blockage of earwax
• Ear infections, bone growths, or tumours
• Degradation or damage due to age
• Certain types of medications
• Continuous exposure to loud noise
• Singular exposure to a very loud noise

Hearing Tests

In order to investigate whether hearing aids are needed, as well as what type would best cater to the client, we carry out our own in-house hearing tests. You can book an appointment with one of our audiologists who will carry out the hearing test and discuss the factors that may have played, or are currently playing a role in the hearing loss.  We aim to make this process as pleasant and relaxed as possible for our clients and whether hearing aids are needed or not, will provide you with plenty of important information that will help you to protect your hearing going into the future.

We are also more than happy to take appointments even if you don’t require hearing aids and would just like to check your overall hearing.

Signs Your May Need Hearing Aids

It can be easy to miss the signs of deteriorating hearing, or to simply flag them down as ‘getting old’. However, it never hurts to check and if you do suspect that you may be in need of hearing aids, our team is always here to discuss your options. Below are some of the most common indicators that you’re experiencing hearing loss and may need hearing aids.

Difficulty Hearing People Clearly

One of the first signs that is noticed by people experiencing hearing loss is that they struggle to understand what others say to them. Strangely enough, it doesn’t even tend to be that they can’t hear them, but rather that they simply struggle to string together the letters and sounds to form a word. This is a relatively common form of hearing loss where the ear struggles to interpret higher-pitched sounds such as consonants while being perfectly fine with the lower and mid-pitch sounds of vowels.

Listening to TV or Radio at Higher Volumes

When consuming media, we have control over the overall volume. This means that most people naturally adjust the volume to suit whatever is most comfortable to them. A common indicator for hearing loss is that someone’s preference for volume is a lot higher than whoever else they’re watching/listening with; if someone is regularly told that the volume is too loud or that they should turn it down, this may indicate their hearing is lacking.

Avoiding of Social Settings

When it comes to events or social gatherings, it’s common for there to be various simultaneous conversations as well as background noises. This can be a nightmare for someone with hearing loss as they can very much struggle to keep track of a single conversation. Alternatively, hearing loss can also do a great deal of damage to someone’s confidence on account of their struggling to hold a conversation which can lead them to avoid social settings altogether.

Nadia A
Professional service from start to finish. I was sent reminders of date/time and as a busy mum of 4, this was much needed! The treatment was for my 3 year old and Kully was amazing with her. She fully explained how the microsuction works and happily answered my questions. Kully also offered post treatment advice. I would definitely book again if the need arises.
Manjit V
I had my ears tested and my ear wax removed in the comfort of my own home. Kully reassured me throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!
Jac C
First-class! After five years or so of recurring ear infections and blocked ears, I visited Clean Hearing. I got an appointment the same day and had micro suction. It was completely painless and so effective. I came out actually being able to hear again after months of feeling like my head was underwater! I highly recommend Clean Hearing and will definitely use them again. Thank you for your professional, friendly, and excellent service.
Ray S
I can hear again all thanks to Kully at Clean Hearing - she fitted me in on the same day as I was desperate to unblock my ears. The whole process took 15 minutes, was painless, professional and I can not thank the audiologist enough for giving my hearing back. This is the only place I would come back to now for microsuction.
Robert H
As a severely disabled man, basically bungalow bound & needing my ears syringed, finding out that my GP's surgery no longer carries out this procedure, left me very anxious, so I searched the internet & immediately came across Clean Hearing. I rang that morning & by lunch time, Kully, the audiologist was here, notified me beforehand that she would be slightly late. I felt extremely at ease & the procedure was carried out perfectly. I barely felt anything. If you're looking for home visit's, like myself & a super efficient, very prompt service, then without hesitation, I would highly recommend Clean Hearing. I will certainly be using them again. Thanks again, Kully, for providing an answer to my difficult, physical situation.
Gary H
Excellent Service, same day appointment came to my home. First time experience of ear cleaning, micro suction was painless, amazed hearing completely crystal clear afterwards. Suffered for a couple months muffled hearing. Service was courteous, friendly and professional, from calling the office, to the audiologist who visited my home. Wouldn't hesitate to use again. Excellent service, thank you.

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