Ear Wax Removal

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Ear Wax Removal

A key part of the ear ecosystem, ear wax serves to trap dust, bacteria, or small objects stopping them from entering and irritating the delicate skin of the ear canal. It’s perfectly healthy to have ear wax and in a functional ear, the quantity and viscosity is controlled so that it doesn’t cause inconvenience or pain. There are instances, however, where the ear stops properly flushing out the wax which can lead to a build-up, and – if left alone for too long – even a blockage. Unfortunately, once blocked, the ear will struggle to clear itself and you may need to seek the assistance of an expert to remove the excess ear wax.

Do you require ear wax removal services? At Clean Hearing, we make use specialist equipment to carry out a quick, safe, and painless removal through microsuction. To find out more about this service or to get in touch to book an appointment, get in touch with us here.

What Causes Ear Wax to Build-Up?

There are various factors that could trigger a build-up in ear wax:

• Having narrow or hairy ear canals
• Naturally producing wax that is too hard or dry
• Old age (wax becomes drier as we get older)
• Regular use of cotton swabs or other items
• Frequent wearing of headphones/earphones
• An inflammation of the ear canal

Do I Need Ear Wax Removal?

As stated in the aforementioned section, ear wax is completely natural and shouldn’t be removed unless it causes discomfort, pain, or otherwise inhibits the general functionality of the ear. If you have any medical conditions that impact your ears, you may wish to check that these do not have an impact on your ear wax; your GP will generally be able to give you information on whether this is something that may affect you.

There are several home remedies that you can try if you believe you may have a build-up. The most common of these is the use of warm mineral oil which when applied in small quantities (2 or 3 drops several times a day) can over the course of roughly 3-5 days clear minor blockages. You may also use diluted hydrogen peroxide to the same effect. We recommend you speak to your GP or a licensed professional before trying any home remedies.

Ear Syringing Vs Ear Microsuction

There are several methods in which ear wax removal can be carried out. At Clean Hearing, we make use of Ear microsuction and have found this to be the most effective and safe process.

Ear Syringing

Also referred to as ear irrigation, ear syringing is the process of using a hose to shoot warm, low-pressure water into the ear canal to dislodge wax. It can be slightly uncomfortable for some, but is generally a painless process. Where the danger can arise is if the patient is suffering from a perforated eardrum, infection, or catarrh as this can (in rare instances) lead to damage to the eardrum. Additionally, the dampness in the ear canal created by ear syringing is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and greatly raises the chances of infection.

Ear Microsuction

A completely risk free process, and the one we opt for at Clean Hearing – ear microsuction is carried out using a surgical microscope where a member of our team will identify areas of build-up and use the ear microsuction tube (a small vacuum cleaner of sorts) to collect the excess wax. Since this allows for far more a precise removal process, there is a greatly reduced chance of contact with the delicate skin of the eardrum or canal. Naturally, this means that no damage will occur whilst also greatly reducing the risk of infection.

Nadia A
Professional service from start to finish. I was sent reminders of date/time and as a busy mum of 4, this was much needed! The treatment was for my 3 year old and Kully was amazing with her. She fully explained how the microsuction works and happily answered my questions. Kully also offered post treatment advice. I would definitely book again if the need arises.
Manjit V
I had my ears tested and my ear wax removed in the comfort of my own home. Kully reassured me throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!
Jac C
First-class! After five years or so of recurring ear infections and blocked ears, I visited Clean Hearing. I got an appointment the same day and had micro suction. It was completely painless and so effective. I came out actually being able to hear again after months of feeling like my head was underwater! I highly recommend Clean Hearing and will definitely use them again. Thank you for your professional, friendly, and excellent service.
Ray S
I can hear again all thanks to Kully at Clean Hearing - she fitted me in on the same day as I was desperate to unblock my ears. The whole process took 15 minutes, was painless, professional and I can not thank the audiologist enough for giving my hearing back. This is the only place I would come back to now for microsuction.
Robert H
As a severely disabled man, basically bungalow bound & needing my ears syringed, finding out that my GP's surgery no longer carries out this procedure, left me very anxious, so I searched the internet & immediately came across Clean Hearing. I rang that morning & by lunch time, Kully, the audiologist was here, notified me beforehand that she would be slightly late. I felt extremely at ease & the procedure was carried out perfectly. I barely felt anything. If you're looking for home visit's, like myself & a super efficient, very prompt service, then without hesitation, I would highly recommend Clean Hearing. I will certainly be using them again. Thanks again, Kully, for providing an answer to my difficult, physical situation.
Gary H
Excellent Service, same day appointment came to my home. First time experience of ear cleaning, micro suction was painless, amazed hearing completely crystal clear afterwards. Suffered for a couple months muffled hearing. Service was courteous, friendly and professional, from calling the office, to the audiologist who visited my home. Wouldn't hesitate to use again. Excellent service, thank you.

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